Thursday, October 13, 2011

Reading on mobile social networks

I have been using my technology courses at Western (or UWO) to catch up on learning about technologies that I have hither to ignored or not fully explored.

In the past, a student of mine mentioned to me FourSquare. I asked him 'what was that?' He was surprised that a person like me who has been keeping up with the literature on Social Networking Sites would not be aware of its development.

This weeks reading for class, has helped me to explore the technology behind FourSquare. I first however read Humphreys (2007) article about Dodgeball, which got me thinking about foursquares, which my student was trying to explain to me. I did further research and discovered that foursquare ( replaces Dodgeball, its forerunner, started by the same founder.

I will definitely be writing again, as soon as I have time to pause and reflect about some other technologies that I am learning about as I pursue my courses towards the fulfilment of the requirements for the PhD  programme.


Humphreys, L. (2007). Mobile social networks and social practice: A case study of Dodgeball. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 13(1), article 17. 

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