Saturday, November 5, 2011

Advice for those seeking to pursue a PhD

A former student of my Department, interested in doing a PhD immediately after graduation, asked me about the programme at FIMS, UWO in London Ontario, Canada. The student wanted to know if it offers a scholarship for PhD, how I found the school thus far and if I am loving the programme. Here are some of the answers that I gave the student.

The faculty is lovely so far. Professors very good. You should continue following my Facebook + Twitter (mscale) posts and the Small Island Librarian blog to see what I am learning, doing and how I am finding PhD studies.

You however may want to consider your future after PhD. I think that is the most central question to ask: do I want to be in academia? What do you want to do with the PhD? Do you want to be a lecturer/professor? Can you handle the responsibilities of being a lecturer or an academic professor? It means no holidays and many times, no week ends.

When you have fully sought answers on that question or on the question of why I want to do a PhD, then I think we can better discuss the matter. Also, after you have written your Masters Thesis, that will tell you if you really like research enough to undertake a Thesis.

I think you are jumping the gun by asking the wrong questions first and seeking the wrong information at this time.
What is your take on my answers?

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