Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Ergonomic library space: New design ideas for a healthier library space

Here goes another viewpoint or opinion piece entry. This always happen when I am reading or doing some work that bores me intellectually, that my mind begins to wander to other problems that require solutions. Today's problem is the question of how libraries could better design their spaces.

On seeing that a sedentary lifestyle contributes to the problem of obesity and related 21st century diseases, libraries need to modify their space design to help the public combat the problem of an inactive lifestyle. What we need library spaces that are designed like gym spaces, so that we can facilitate active lifestyles while people engage with information. This means that libraries need to have modified furniture that allow us to exercise our limbs while interacting with media.

We need unicycle chairs that we can sit on and pedal and burn calories while we read or surf the Internet. Or spaces where people can pace and read with a book or periodical like indoor track fields for walking and jogging.

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