Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blogs as sources of folklore information

I am in the process of researching information for creating a graphic novel based on Rio Cobre and Flat bridge. (I should be preparing for my exams). Nevertheless, I am learning a lot in the process, a lot of it coming back to my proposed thesis about blogs as information sources. This is because I am finding that apart from newspaper sources (as well as the few books, journals, magazines and Websites), another source of information about the legends of say the River Mumma, or the Jamaican mermaid or River Maiden can be discovered in blogs. While I was hoping to find people relating personal experience of seeing the Jamaican mermaid, I have uncovered as many informative pieces on the legends via blogs. These blogs are as informative as the more officially published and documented sources.

To illustrate the informative nature, just see the following blogs:

Curran, B. (2012, July 26). Creature of the month - Duppies. New Page Books [Blog post]. Retrieved from

Morris, K. (2010, December 14). Have You Ever Seen a Rivah Mumma? Jamaican Echoes! [Blog post] Retrieved from

Phantoms & Monsters. (2010, December 2). Mermaids of the Caribbean [Blog post]. Retrieved from

I am finding that blogs function as a source for finding even information on Jamaican folk stories that may be useful to literary writers and artists seeking to create works of fiction or art. Hence, while contemplating and working on a graphic novel based on Rio Cobre and Flat Bridge, without being able to access Jamaicans in the area for their own stories, I am still able to find actual stories gathered via either blogs or newspaper articles that blogs may also point to.

On a matter of opinion, I am totally convinced that the Caribbean region needs to convert more of our stories including those in our National Pantomime into graphic novels, books or publications so that the world can access our stories about them, and not just our people. Billions of dollars await those who can tell stories, as Hollywood, Disney, and other movie making and animation industries are looking for story ideas and fresh stories to tell. As the animation and movie industries seek fresh materials for storytelling, I have all confidence that the Caribbean possess fresh material that these industries might consider. (See more of what I have written on this matter in the past).

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