Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How can librarians make use of animation? Here are a few YouTube examples

Recently, an online conversation with one of my librarian colleagues got me thinking about how libraries can use animation. So I decided to do a preliminary search of YouTube to see what examples I could find on the subject. In this blog post, I report briefly on some of what I have discovered.

First is an animation (seemingly not from a librarian) that shows a 3D walk-through animation of a library (uploaded by Chris Collins). Definitely good for library design and space planning.

The second video is entitled 'Daring School Library Media Orientation Animation'. This is a good example of how libraries can use animation for giving students an orientation to the library space and resources. (Uploaded to YouTube in 2012 by Gwyneth Jones using GoAnimate software).

I also found this third YouTube video of animation teaching library etiquette. This one also uses GoAnimate online animation software. (Uploaded to YouTube by  MsBookDiva in 2011).

Finally, I showcase another animation video entitled: "Library Rules Pirate Style". This one also uses Go Animate platform. (Uploaded in 2012 by YouTube user by chasulee).


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