Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What I learned from Windows 8 about cloud computing?

I have written about cloud computing before in an attempt to make sense of its potential impact on libraries (Scale, 2009; Scale, 2010). Well, recently, I had the privilege of helping a friend to set up a Skype account on a laptop using Windows 8. The experience made me realize that cloud computing is a total change from my assumptions and what I learned in the era of stand-alone computing. Here are some of what I surmise about the reality of cloud computing.

  1. Software programs will no longer be installed on machines, but rather, we have to access them as "apps" that are delivered to our computer or computing device (tablet, laptop or smart phone) over the Internet.
  2. Clicking a save button to save changes to our documents will be redundant. Documents will automatically be saved as we work on them.
  3. No more interruption from automatic downloads and service updates. At least, not when we are working on documents.


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